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THURSDAY THOUGHTS - Magic in the Rhythm of Working, Resting, and Working Again

Posted May 17 2013 9:17am
Guest Post:

During my Cancer journey, I found that blessings came wrapped in all kinds of packages. One of the most significant blessings came wrapped in a package labeled "MY JOB."

Cancer treatments cannot be hurried. My job helped me to keep a routine, pace myself and to plan for the best use of my precious energy. It also kept my mind busy so that I didn't dwell endlessly on the fact I had the disease. In short, it helped me keep my mind in positive territory. It is interesting to note that some of the most significant successes in my career took place during my Cancer treatment. These accomplishments simply would not have been possible to achieve without peace in my heart, which provided the ability for me to put one foot in front of the other and forge ahead. My doctors told me that people who maintain their jobs during treatment generally do better as a result. This was certainly the case for me.

My dad always told me that "Variety may be the spice of life, but monotony in many cases pays the bills." Routine is the stuff life is made of and I found magic in the rhythm of working hard, resting, then working hard again. In fact, I can't see myself retiring for many years yet.

Finally, speaking with clients at the bank helped me keep a healthy perspective on my own situation. On the job I communicated with people of great wealth as well as those facing bankruptcy. I have spoken with healthy individuals and those who have far worse health challenges than my own. I have met tons of single people as well as those going through divorces (who wish they were single.) I have spoken to people who have no children while others feel they have too many. And of course I exchange pictures of grandchildren with every grandparent I meet. In short, I go home most days with gratitude in my heart to be just who I am!

-Kathy Christensen
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