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Throughout life you meet the mos...

Posted Sep 11 2008 5:09pm

Throughout life you meet the most amazing people. Some of those people are with you for only a short amount of time while others stay around for years and years. You just never know when your actions or words will make a difference in a life, or when another person will impact your own.

I really believe it is Divine intervention when people come into your life. Someti mes you can only scratch your head with the wonder of it all. I remember a day (over a year ago) when I was first introduced to Jordan Carlson. I received a phone call from a co-worker about a 17-year old who wanted to walk all 12 of the 3-Day events (that is 720 miles folks…over a short span of time). I was asked to assess the reality of the endeavor. When the email with her contact information came across my desk you could hear the ‘thud’ of my body falling out of the chair! 704…that is MY area code! Over the years I have gotten to know many NC walkers, and become friends with many. Jordan was the most unique to say the least.

Jordan is an amazing young woman. There are several people who have walked all 12 of the events in the past, and there are walkers who are doing it this year. Jordan is unique in the fact she is so young, and filled with personal motivation. 14 years of her life has been filled with the pains of breast cancer. She was introduced to it early when her mother, Jan, was diagnosed… twice. The story is best understood in her own words - I go to Jordan’s blog daily to read her updates along the road. Today was the first day of her third event, and she makes it seem so easy! I know firsthand it is NOT easy to do one event. She has prepared, she has worked, and she has so many people walking with her that are armed with such determination. If you are a fellow walker that comes across Jordan…introduce yourself to her. She is the reason I am walking in San Diego for 2008. I want to be there to see her as she completes the goal she has set for herself. Can she do it? You bet your walking shoes!!!

Jordan turned 18 this week. She is wise beyond her years, and holds a special place in my heart. Her entire family has become a part of my own. You just never know when, or how, people will come into your life and add to it so greatly. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN KEAY CARLSON!

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