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This Back Pain....

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:52am

.... makes me feel the many blessings I have gotten in life.

As I read the newspaper yesterday morning, I saw the heartbreaking news. Yasmin Ahmad was called by Our Maker. MH told me when we thought it is you to go first, we are shocked to hear this news a healthy person has gone sooner. May her soul be placed amongst the solihiin. Ameen. Al-Fatihah. Allah lebih menyayanginya.

This pain doesn't make me think about death anymore. It is more about the blessings to be able to do what we are supposed to do when the warnings have been given. It's not when you are sick with cancer you are going to die... but we must be ready....I heard MH's voice echoing in my mind.

Even though the pain on my back was quite bad, I told MH I still wanted to have the family outing. I wanted to see the outside world and enjoyed everything I see. So off we went to Amcorp Mall for a quick browse through at the flea market, lunch and prayer and after that to Istana Budaya for the Merchants of Bollywood show... Many thanks to Adlan Zabri, a friend of mine who is so thoughtful. You had made our day, my friend. MH was very happy and he appreciated the beautifully choreographed dances. It was a mesmerising moment to see MH like that! Never mind that Shah Rukh Khan was not there, the dancers were excellent!

My heart sank when I got a message from Kak Puteri about Bergen's condition. That he was recently diagnosed with a high grade soft tissue cancer (sarcoma). Let's pray for him to be given the needed strength and courage. A friend told me a couple of days ago: now we hear so many people are diagnosed with cancer. It is so rampant like having a flu! Hmm... what have we gotten into ya?

I met a friend while seated at a bench in KLCC when I felt too tired to walk around with MH and the boys. She said she had thought about me off late and was grateful when she saw me sitting there on her way to the Mussolla (praying room). I told her about my condition and she retorted in her surprised look: You look so okay, like you don't have this cancer thing in you.... That statement made me utter alhamdulillah... Indeed! It is a blessing that I don't look sick and frail.

I managed to log in and surf the Net later of the day. As I opened my gmail account, I saw MH's reply to my poem... Tears streamed down my cheeks as I read it... my, my... it was a straight from his heart to mine... He is so honest and sincere... This pain again, makes me count and re-count my blessing. Of having him!

This is what he wrote:

Dearest Wife,

Time like this....
sometimes it feels a bit weird that we have gone thru’ 15 years together.
It was just like yesterday when we were dating. (ha..ha…ha…)
Yes, we have our ups……..and our down……
especially my ‘on & off’ temper.
But the best part….
this small ‘wooden family’ boat is much stronger than the TITANIC.
I wish I could give you the super speedboat or the luxury cruiser liner.
But I could not afford it!

What do I expect from this marriage?
Because Allah already give me my ‘life partner’.....
And with HIS blessing, we have the 2 boys…
Not a ‘perfect family’ but…….still we are…… “FAMILY”!
Good or bad.

That’s all that matter.


May Allah bless our marriage and most importantly give you strong spirit & good health to fight this cancer through. Amin.

To all wishing us, we thank you from the deepest of our hearts. May God bless you!
Bounced and posted by Raden Galoh
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