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There are many talented individu...

Posted Sep 12 2008 2:44am

There are many talented individuals out there who are working toward a cure for cancer. Can you imagine a world without cancer? What a world that would be. I am not talking about breast cancer alone, but for all of the cancer in the world. It is the hope of millions of people.The other evening I saw a report about a doctor who has been working for six years on a variety of medical research. London’s famed Imperial College invited him to exchange ideas with scientists on the cutting edge of medical research. All of this may seem run-of-the-mill to you…that is until I tell you that he is now 13!

His name is Akrit Jaswal, and he is from India. He is actually listed as the smaretest person his age with an IQ of 146 (my heaven’s). He is the youngest person to ever attend college in India. At seven years old he performed his first surgery on a young girl whose family had no means to pay for medical treatement! He developed a passion for science and anatomy very early (no kidding). As a lover of Shakespeare I was completely impressed to learn he was not only reading, but understanding, the great writer when most children are simply learning their ABC’s. I love the fact that doctors in his area recognized his gift and allowed him to observe surgeries - at age 6 no less. I completely understand Akrit is rare and unusual, but wonder what would happen if more professionals took interest when children showed great promise, or developed an affinity for something. What baffles me even more about Akrit - he NEVER studies! He simply reads and retains (and plays Cricket). Who wouldn’t love a gift like that?

Young Akrit has said that he has millions of medical ideas in his mind, but is focusing on a cure for cancer. “I’ve developed a concept called oral gene therapy on the basis of my research and my theories,” he says. “I’m quite dedicated towards working on this mechanism.” Akrit used to see people who could not afford treatment that were in agony with cancer. “I get very sad, and so that’s the main motive of my passion about medicine, my passion about cancer.”I am so impressed by this young boy who is showing great promise… who would not be impressed? Not only does this young man have a brilliat mind, he has a tremendous heart. Just remember this name - Akrit Jaswal - he may just go down in history as the person who finds a cure for cancer.

(Akrit on the Oprah Show.)

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