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The question I have is can a complex cyst be cancerous?

Posted by Jesse

During an ultrasound there showed a complex cyst towards the outer edge of my right breast.  The details below is the only  syptoms that I have noticed otherwise I don't notice anything. 

Breast feels fine except when pushed on outer side of the breast where the complex cyst is located.

1. Breast examination-(Discharge , breast ) - shortly there after the area where the complex cyst is located starts to  itch something furious. My glands on the outer side of my throat (just above the collar bone) swells up the next day. After the third day I felt better the itching stops. The throat glands on the side goes back to normal plus I fell good again.

2. Ultrasound- After pushing on the complex cyst the area of my breast started itching again. The glands in my throat  swelled up  the next day  and I felt like someone hit me with a train. After the third day everything was normal and I feel good!

I am post menopause and have not been on estrogen replacement for one year.

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