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Posted Feb 01 2013 3:17pm
Since February is known as the month of “love,” we would like to invite you to participate with us in the Lifting Hearts Challenge.  Here is the challenge: During the month of February, spread a little love to those around you and be good to yourself.  Below is a list of ideas to help you on your way.  Every day in February, pick one new thing from the list and then do it -- or use your own ideas.  Have fun!

Just for today . . .

1.    Smile more than you did yesterday.
2.    Call a friend you haven’t talked to for a long time.
3.    Mend a quarrel.
4.    Compliment someone.
5.    Post a joke on facebook.
6.    Plan a romantic date for your husband or significant other.
7.    Keep a gratitude journal for a month. Each day, write ten things you are grateful for.
8.    Do a secret act of kindness for a family member.
9.    Take a treat to a neighbor.
10.    Say “I love you” to a family member.
11.    Share a lot of hugs with those you love.
12.    Take a friend out to lunch.
13.    Write a thank you note to a health care provider that has helped you on your cancer journey.
14.    Pray for someone that is hard to love.
15.    Make a special effort to notice the good things in your life.
16.    Email a funny story to ten friends.
17.    Make it a point to thank those around you for the things they do for you.
18.    Remember that if you started the day in a bad mood, you have the power to change it.
19.    Take some time just for you.
20.    Listen and be nonjudgmental.
21.    Read a story to a child.
22.    Listen to music that makes you happy.
23.    Do something kind for someone that has offended you.
24.    Set a goal you can accomplish in one day and then do it!
25.    Read something uplifting when you are feeling down.
26.    Make a special treat or dinner for your family.
27.    Eat chocolate! Okay, you can share some too!
28.    Put love notes in your husband’s and kid’s sack lunches.
29.    If you wake up with a lot of aches and pains, just keep trying; that’s good enough. 
30.    Thank God for the gift of life.

We hope you know how much we love you!  We wish you a lot of love and laughter this coming year.

Love from the Lifting Hearts Board,
Kara, Bethanie, Colette, Kristin, Beth, Diane & RuthAnn
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