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temperature monitoring and itching

Posted Nov 26 2012 8:38pm

My temperature again seems to be normal, except following last evening’s Vancomycin® infusion, during which time it rose to around 100.0 and maintained for a few hours. By the time I went to sleep last night, however, the temperature was back to normal like it had been earlier during the day. This is interesting. Today my home health care nurse will come to get blood cultures to monitor the amount of Vancomycin in my system, a necessary part of treatment with this antibiotic. When she comes, it will be interesting to see what my temperature is at that time.

I had been having pretty severe swelling in my feet and left hand during my treatment with the Vancomycin, but today that seems to have diminished a bit. It is the first day my hand does not look like a balloon, even though it is still a bit puffy. I have three more infusions, as far as I know, and the treatment will be completed. I will keep my fingers crossed that the port was the culprit and that all infection will be gone now.

My family got me some Benadryl® as I have been having some random overall itching that seems to benefit from the Benadryl. I seem to get that in the evening, so I think it might also be related to the Vancomycin, which I infuse early evening. I thought I had a couple of hives here and there but nothing significant that would require my stopping the treatment. Plus, the Benadryl seems to help with the itching, even where I have the plastic tape over my PICC line and the wound from removal of the port. They often put paper tape on me, but that does not really hold well long term. If they change the dressing frequently, it seems to help, though the port wound dressing is on for ten days. I think I can bear it until this Friday when I go for follow-up.

In the meantime I walked about four times back and forth in the loft, not a lot really but more than just lying in bed, which I am trying to keep to a minimum. Even sitting up at the computer is better since I sit straight up, and it gives gravity a chance to expand my lungs a little more. Time now for a break.

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