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swollen itchy arm and had an armpit abscess

Posted by Lucita A. Facebook

had a recurring right armpit abscess. visited the doctors and antibiotics were administered for 2 weeks. while taking the medication during the first week the right arm began swelling. returned to the doctor was adviced to continue med. to cut this long story short the abscess eventually disappeared along with the arm swelling. However the arm began swelling again but the abscess did not return. the swelling is also accompanied by itching of the arm. have returned to the doctor and she says she cannot understand the reason for the swelling.  have had a doppler, ultrasound, cbc, all have proven to be ok. some advice please
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April 12, 2013

Your axillary ganglions are obviously not doing their job. Sounds like lymphedema.

Try this site : 

 and this demontration of self massage :

and also, most importantly, a page on the exercises to do, regularly, to treat this condition. This site offers many links to the type of exercises most suited to your personal condition.

I have been given booklets illustrating the positions for the different exercises, but I don't seem to be able to find the equivalent on the net. 

I hope this helped. Take care.


thank you so much Geneva. I will definitely take your advice. very much appreciated
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