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Survivor Story - Brenda B.

Posted Jun 23 2009 6:55pm
Thanks for sharing your story, Brenda. What a coincidence that you and your mom were diagnosed just two weeks apart. When I was diagnosed, it was a bad feeling for me to realize that suddenly my mom, sister, and 3 daughters were thrust into the "high risk" category.

While I'm glad for you and your recovery, it's unfortunate that your mom is not doing well. I am sorry. My prayers are with you and your family.

Four years ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, at the time, I was living in Ohio. Less than two weeks later, my mother, who was living in Florida, was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer. When I was through with my treatments and able to travel, I went to visit her. While I was there, her Oncologist did Genetic Testing on us. I wasn't genetic! She was hormone positive and I was hormone negative. I have had no further problems and am doing well. My mother however is a different story. We found out last year that her cancer has returned and is now in her lungs,chest wall, the lymph nodes in her chest, the fluid surrounding her lungs and bone marrow. She has been my strength my whole life....and now I have to be hers! Her prognosis is very grim but she tries to make the best of every day. We went through cancer together and we'll get through this together!

Brenda B
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