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Stop the madness! We need to get serious about curing and preventing cancer

Posted Nov 12 2011 4:56pm
November 12, 2011 - Posted by tamilb

Putting cancer research and prevention under the microscope

This has been a tough year when it comes to loss. I just found out today that yet another wonderful friend, Cyndi Wenck, passed away from breast cancer. In September, I lost another dear friend Ashley. In July, Evan Mattingly (who was featured in my book) died. In December, it was my close friend Nevine. And that’s just the people I considered close to me. It is one of the occupational hazards of being involved in the cancer community. And it really, really sucks.

With all the pink hoopla that is October, all the millions of dollars supposedly going to the  cause, why have we not found a cure? Why does it seem that more and more people are getting cancer? And why aren’t more people furious about it and demanding action? These are questions I’ve asked myself for years.

When the AIDS epidemic hit, the gay community organized and demanded that a cure be found.  By 1988 frustration was growing over the length of time it had taken to approve AZT, the drug proven to slow the progression of AIDS, and the FDA’s slow progress in improving access to  other experimental AIDS drugs. On October 11, 1988, more than a thousand ACT UP demonstrators descended on the FDA headquarters in Rockville, Maryland, demanding quicker and more efficient drug approval. Eight days later, the FDA announced regulations to cut the time it took for drugs to be approved. People took action and made things happen. Why do people seem so complacent about cancer?

Which brings me to my other point: there are environmental links to cancer. And we, as proactive individuals, can be careful about what we put on or in our bodies. Too bad the FDA isn’t doing much of that. They claim there is not enough evidence. I’m grateful that my daughter is in a groundbreaking study called Growing Up Female to study what might be leading to what I see as a cancer epidemic. In the meantime, I use paraben-free personal care products and makeup, truly clean cleaning products and buy organic.

Finding a cure is just as important. We need to get serious about eradicating breast cancer! That’s why I’m supporting the National Breast Cancer Coalition (NBBC) to reach their deadline to find a cure by 2020. I think one reason we haven’t found a cure is that research is going off in all kinds of different directions. NBBC is promoting collaboration among all scientists to find a cure once and for all.

Next weekend, I am honored to be a participant in the Bright Starts Pink Power Mom weekend. They are donating $5,000 to the charity of my choice and it’s going to NBBC. I’m also donating 10 percent of my proceeds from From Incurable to Incredible to this organization. I encourage all of you to do your part to be informed and fight for a cure. I am tired of saying goodbye to good friends.

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