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State Of The Body Address

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:45pm
Taking stock of my body this morning I must say things are looking up. My energy level, while still affected by overdoing it some days, is gradually stepping up. My nose has stopped its bleeding completely. Five months after bi-lateral mastectomy/lymph node removal surgery, nerve healing is still going on in my chest made evident by periodic sharp burning pains under the incisions. Strangley, the pains happen most often where nipples used to be. Where lymph nodes were removed under my left arm there is growing stiffness from scar tissue. When I lift my left arm into the air I see and feel a string of muscle that goes from my armpit up to my elbow. It needs to be stretched, but it hurts, so I don't stretch it like I should. My chest still feels really tight which I've noticed causes me to cave in my chest a little so that I don't feel the tightness so much. I've been trying to push my shoulders back to stretch that area.

I am feeling the side effects of Femara which is an aromatase inhibitor. Femara keeps estrogen from being produced by my body. This causes joint pain which I feel in my hips, knees and sternum. At first I thought the joint pain was from working out. But I have been lazy when it comes to exercising and the joint pain is getting more pronounced. I really notice it in the morning.

Chemo and the lack of estrogen has taken its toll on my skin. It has less elastisicity which is most apparent around my eyes. The area above my eyes has sort of a hooded look now and the skin below my eyes has more crinkles.

Four weeks out from chemo, my hair is coming in pretty well on my head. I have a bald spot on the front center crown area because of wearing a tight wig and hats. I have a rather large head so this area has constant pressure and rubbing happening there. I talked with the HR director at Target yesterday about wearing a hat to work rather than my wig. She said no problem. I just need to order a Target bullseye baseball cap. This will make me much more comfortable. I've had enough of wearing a wig.

This concludes my State of the Body Address. Good luck and God bless America.

Heh heh.
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