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Spain World Cup in South Africa has the most luxurious lineup

Posted Sep 30 2012 3:28pm

Rain, snow, and Spain was defeated, the South African World Cup in fact a cold start. Cold field, and sparse stands, can only Wawazula voice to fill. Trumpet fill your head, get up like a ball, is celebrate - "in the history of the most round." Cold feet nike free run 2, and the group stage into the first round only 25 balls, striker can not find She Menxue , but the television cameras are hard to enlarge their shoes. Popular, and finally capsized in Spain to meet rejoiced spectators, this World Cup is totally a tragedy. Cool beauty? This can be, but the South Africa I did not. Only South Africa's aunt dressed in blankets.

Also learn Spanish? Spain World Cup in South Africa has the most luxurious lineup, football history, "Armada" shape. However, around the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa was the Portuguese navigator Magellan's fleet, the Spaniards will be here in the first battle in the Swiss founder. Over the past three years, Barcelona became the most successful team in European competition, but Kelongbasa play in Spain nike free run 3, naturally, is considered the biggest favorites to win the World Cup. In each team behind the hot die, there are numerous "crow mouth": Bailey stations in different languages in four different praised Spain, and the Chinese Football Association has also developed a "Learning Spanish" approach.

World Cup in South Africa to celebrate the official ball for the majority of the players attacked, "as is playing on the beach with a volleyball match. " Known as "the best round in the history of football" of people throughout the encounter tragedy, become the scapegoat for the low score. Huang Jianxiang said: "I play in May, when scoring at least 3 times with people throughout the 25 meters or so long-range, but also that this World Cup will be a lot of it muffled long-range goals. It seems that I really amateur. "South Africa's World Cup Group B second round nike free run 2 men, 2 to 1 victory over Greece, Nigeria, obtained their first victory in World Cup history, the Greek team Saerpiji Meredith went to celebrate even when the opponent's bench.

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