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Sore & Tired & Depressed

Posted Dec 23 2008 12:49pm

It has been 2 weeks today since the surgery.

I had the drains out on the 8th day. Have to wear a sports bra 24/7 minus the shower for a few weeks.

Must massage both breasts every day. I use coconut oil after the morning shower.

My right/reconstructed side is quite colorful, swollen and sore. The scar on my back runs from under my shoulder blade to just about under my arm. Very sore. Actually feels better to sleep on it then the opposite side. Very gently/carefully though.

Was told to find a physical therapist to get my range of motion back but haven't done that yet. Bad patient.

I was told I could come home after the 2nd night in the hospital but I opted to stay one more night as I did not feel strong enough to come home yet. I had a lot of nausea and loopiness that lasted over a week. Not fun. I stopped the pain pills when I came home thinking it was from the Dilladid....but nope. It must have been from the anesthesia.

I used the Scappolomine patch behind me ear to ease some of the nausea but it causes quite a raised rash that itches for days.

I am not looking forward to another surgery and having to deal with that darn loopiness and nausea.

I am so tired of all this crap.

I have been depressed.

I was not depressed before the surgery.

I am depressed now.


It's been 1 1/2 years of surgeries and treatments and lost hair and side effects and dredging up nuggets of enthusiasm from dry dust and I think emotionally and physically I have hit my wall.



for now I am tired, swollen, sore and melancholy. It also feels very heavy and tight.

I go back in about 2 weeks for my first fill. Ugh.

The first week I cried that I should not have done the surgery.

All this for boobs. So what! All for vanity?


This is why I haven't posted here.

Negative mood.
I haven't walked in 3 weeks.
The Tamoxifen is making my calves sore with occasional evening pain.

Shoot me now?

It will get better.

I know it will.

Life is too good to be miserable for long.

I have pics from the hospital but cannot find the cord to my camera.

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