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Posted Aug 23 2008 10:44pm
When I was recuperating in the hospital from my oophorectomy/mastectomies, John Brownell Senior, who was also in the hospital at the time, passed a message on to me that he was having his ovaries removed in solidarity with me. Now that is a sense of humor . Classic John Brownell Sr. humor. Even while struggling with his own serious health concerns he gave his gift of humor to make me feel better.

This brings a tear of joy to my eyes. There were many moments like this in the short time I knew this man. Sitting with the family on any given evening Mr. Brownell would get a wry smile on his face. Sometimes he would share the thought with us, most times not. Whether he chose to or not was not very important. I found it easy to connect with him by sharing in the entertainment of sitting back and enjoying a Brownell family discussion.

I found such inspiration in him. He taught me how to make the best of the little moments. His effect on me did not truely bloom until after I recovered from the initial shock of a cancer diagnosis. Later, during chemo, I knew that no matter how crappy I felt he was a thousand miles away doing his best to find joy in each day despite his challenges.

I feel confident that my checkup on Wednesday will generate good news.

If some day I get the news, that cancer people can't bear to hear, I will try hard to continue to find joy in the small moments and help others along. Meaningful relationships happen that way.
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