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skipped the weekend outings

Posted Nov 04 2012 10:23pm

Between the nausea, the rising fever, pain and feeling sick enough to be in bed for most of the day, it feels like I’m listening to an old vinyl record with a bad scratch. My next dose of chemo is tomorrow, yet I am still reeling from the last. I guess all of the problems I have had over the past month or so have just taken a toll, and my body is having a hard time recuperating from all of that, I suppose. I feel like I should do something, but I don’t know what I can do to help feel better.

Not having a chance to get out is nothing short of torture, but at least we watched a few movies, which made the time pass. Ginger ale is helping me along with my nausea medications. I guess I can’t really fight this, so I just need to try to relax somehow and deal with it. One day soon I just know I will be bouncing back to some kind of normalcy.

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