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Six Months Since

Posted Aug 24 2008 3:45pm
Six months ago today I came home from the hospital after bi-lateral mastectomy and oophorectomy surgeries. A couple weeks later I started chemotherapy. And I was scared to death.

Today things are much different. You have probably noticed I don't write much these days. There's not much to write about other than good things! Funny thing is it doesn't occur to me to sit down at the computer to write about good news. Writing has been what I've done over the past few months when I felt overanxious.

As far as my body is concerned I have only a few complaints. Joint pain, a common Femara side effect, continues. Especially in my hips and knees. The left side of my chest, on the side, under my armpit has pulsing pain every minute or so. Sort of a burning and stinging feeling. Its not strong enough to wake me at night though. My theory is that some nerve healing is going on. I do not feel a lump there so I am not worried about it.

My hair continues to grow. This makes me happy. I would describe it as thickening fuzz now. Not quite as long as a very short crew cut. Have you seen Robin Roberts from Good Morning America recently? She's stopped wearing her wig and I think she looks great. I think that my hair will be about the length her's is now, by early August. I can see myself feeling comfortable wearing my hair that short in public.

I got hit by fatigue yesterday and took a 3 hour nap in the afternoon and then slept soundly all night. For a few days prior I noticed my legs felt increasingly tired, especially after walking up a flight of stairs. Just one week prior I was energetic and able to run 5 miles at a time without fatigue. When I feel this fatigue I also notice a strange feeling when stretching my quadriceps (kneeling down, sitting on my feet and leaning back). Instead of the feeling of stretching I feel fatigue in the muscle. I'd like to know why that is.

Work is going well now. I really look forward to going to work each day. How lucky am I?
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