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simple pleasures

Posted May 29 2010 12:00am

Today I ventured out to the mall. All by myself. It was the first time I have driven a car in a while. First reason: we have changed vehicles from a small  car, a Focus hatchback, to a full-sized Crown Victoria, and I need to get used to driving the bigger vehicle. Normally, it would not be an issue for me, but i have felt  shaky and dizzy from time to time and figured it might not be the right time to experiment with driving a bigger vehicle.

It was nice to go and enjoy the freedom of putzing around the store at my own pace without the pressure of knowing someone was waiting for me to finish. Simple pleasures are especially enjoyable when you have been spending most of your time sleeping.

One observation: stores need some seating. Since department stores have few options, I ended up checking out some tufted chairs in the furniture department and then taking a couple of sweaters to the fitting room. By the time I got there, I was too tired to try them on and ended up just sitting there andwhat elsechecking my e-mail.

It was a productive shopping venture. The main reason for my going today was to get my husband a little something. I did that :) , and then I spent some time at SephoraI always love window shopping for makeup and perfume. I tried on a few scents but did not find anything new. Now that the chemo is dissipating from my system I will be able to wear scent again. As long as chemo is in my body, it distorts my chemistry so that my usual scents seem off.

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