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Should I get a second opinion?

Posted by Tina

Here is my story. I found a lump under the skin of my areola a year ago the size of a bb. Didnt worry because im young 29.....  So 7 months pass and it just gets bigger and bigger.  Went to doc got ultra sound and did a biopsy.  The knot went from bb size to gum ball size. core needle Biopsy said that it was not a cyst not a fibroadenoma not malignant... It was none of those. So i said what is it??? He said oh its prob just scar tissue from a previous absess that I didnt know about and my body fought off by itself... Well i thought for sure I would know about an absess. Ive heard they are painful. But anyways I was fine with that... But i dont understand why this thing grows sparatically. Like one week is is the size of a marble and the next its the size of a gumball. The skin on the areola right above the knot gets a little flaky also. Not bad but the skin peels a little and it causes my nipple to point inward and to the right...
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A second opinion may be helpful in this situation. The fact that the biopsy shows that is is not malignant is important to remember. If you are still concerned, I would recommend getting a second opinion. The flaking of the skin is probably caused by the skin stretching as the lump changes size. 
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