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Posted Apr 17 2011 11:39pm
Just Friday, I was feeling very comfortable in my own skin. I felt good about my week's worth of tests. After months of being able to see no further ahead than the next paper or the next test, I found myself feeling as if I could see clear straight through to graduation. I felt positive and sure of myself.

I told Tim about this, and he just smiled like he does, and said something to the effect of "I knew that you could do it."

The next day, as I hunkered over my computer pounding out yet another paper, he came in the door carrying a pot of star gazer lillies. "What are those for?" I asked, peering over the top of my reading glasses. And he told me that they were for me, for doing so well on my tests.

Was that not the sweetest thing ever?

Today, I got on line, and saw that my Anatomy and Physiology Lab quiz from last Tuesday was graded and posted. I confidently checked my grade.

It hadn't been a hard test.

I didn't think so anyway...

...until I saw the grade. I got a 79.2%

Baby? You'd better give those flowers to someone else.
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