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Shelby Mustang Convertible

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:14pm
I always wondered where my love of cars comes from. I am not a regular girl. I love cars. I love going fast. When all this crap went down my ride at the time was brand new silver Mustang with black racing stripes. It was the best car. Part of the devastating thing was giving it up. I hereby state that I am making it up. I decided that I am going to get a Shelby Convertible. I havent decided the color. I like black, I love the blue one, I love the green one... but I will have it painted anyway. I wont accept anything less. I had to give up my mustang. Do you know the pain of separation that has caused. I now know that my dad was an avid car guy. His car when he met my mom was maroon 69 camero blacktop with magwheels. Mesquite cops used to harass him too by pulling him over every five seconds because of how the car was jacked up to within 1/2 an inch of the legal limit. I know he loved cars. I loooovvve cars. I am a car girl. I will have my mustang again. I am patient trust me. I will wait until I get the one I want. I will wait until I find the one I want. I will save until I can pay almost the whole thing off. It will be a convertible. What color you ask?No other than purple of course. A nice dark, sweet looking purple. And you think you will find me at home after that. I will ride to my appointments in that car, no problem. I would be fighting to go. Vroomvroom baby!
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