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shaky hands: therapy may help

Posted Apr 30 2012 11:20pm

I met with my neurology oncologist today who summarized the results from the previous diagnostic tests. While I had my surgery, the spinal tap that was to be a separate test, became part of that procedure. They performed the test while I was in reverie for the surgery to my cervical spine. My hematology oncologist, my regular oncologist, gave me preliminary results when I saw her just following the surgery earlier that week, that indicated the spinal fluid was clear. I knew that we were still awaiting the full report, however, and today, that is what my NO discussed with me. It was the same as the preliminary report: clear spinal fluid with no cancer cells, at least for now. I guess the last phrase is just the reassurance that stage IV cancer can change course at will, so no one should ever get too comfortable with good news. I take it in stride.

The shaky hands are number one priority now that we know where the cancer grinch is not. The fracture in the spine that caused pressure on a disk that pressed upon the spinal cord and needed to be removed and replaced, may have caused some permanent damage. By conducting rehabilitation soon after the surgery, it is likely some of the permanent damage can be alleviated. I hope so because writing is important to me, and a hand that shakes too much to be able to write longhand or to do calligraphy would be a very hard pill to swallow. While I love my computer and gadgets, which I can still manage fine because they require not fine but gross motor control, I spend a lot of my time writing in longhand and calligraphy. It provides me with a great deal of therapy in coping with MBC. I look forward toward working on this issue with my own effort and hoping that we will see results soon.

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