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screening mammogram indicated 2 masses rt breast, but have bilateral pain and pain in arm pit. for one month.

Posted by kleecal

 The earliest diagnostic ultrasound I could get is 2 wks away.  Told that if at that time they determine ultra biopsy needed, would be another 2-3 weeks.


Besides making me just a tad crazy not knowing, is there a possibility that waiting what looks may be months (after biop -- at least 3 weeks to surgery), to take care of this.  


Also, the screening mamo said left breast ok, but I've been having pain in it as well (not as strong and for not as long as the right side).  Have pain in left arm pit as well.  

They do not want to do a diagnostic ultra on my left breast due to screening report, should i push them to do so?


Thanks fo ryour time.  






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