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Posted Sep 11 2009 2:12pm
It always makes me feel better to laugh. Mary came up yesterday. She brought a meal, and, most important, she brought a Scrabble game. I love Scrabble. So does Mary. The difference between Mary and me is that I play it from the words in my head. Mary has a Scrabble dictionary. They have words there that you would never use in a million years. Except if you were trying to whup someone's butt in Scrabble. So usually, Mary beats me but good when we play Scrabble. This day was different though. I was really, really winning decisively, so decisively that I thought perhaps she was letting me win. Suspiciously, I asked. She assured me that she has never let someone win at Scrabble. We played on, talking about this and that, and wouldn't you know, she started narrowing the gap. I took a long haul off my water and said, musingly, "You know, this game has become a metaphor, in a way. I find myself thinking, 'You know, if I can actually whup Mary at Scrabble, why then it's a sign...a sign that I can whup cancer too.'" And Mary yelled, "Oh, no you don't! Don't you dare!" And we laughed ourselves stupid. Still though, I beat her. By one point. Not decisive by any means, but I won. And when she left, she tucked the game underneath a living room chair. This battle is not yet done.
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