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Saturday morning coffee and afternoon pizza

Posted Nov 03 2012 11:01pm

This morning we awoke early, but I went back to sleep until nearly nine o’clock. Marvin made us coffee, and I stayed in bed relaxing and reading till late morning. It was a beautiful morning with a breeze coming in through our skylight. With the amount of fatigue I have had lately, it is hard to separate the causes, and in the end, it doesn’t really matter what the cause. It just matters that whatever my body is going through, the fatigue is just one of the side effects. I enjoyed the morning after the usual nausea waned. I have had some other side effects, so I am looking forward to getting through these two weeks post chemo.

The best part of the day was the coffee, the conversation and some good pizza this afternoon along with some root beer, which is something I have been craving for some weird reason. It started with the root beer float that I craved last week when Marvin made me a float at home with diet soda and sugar-free ice cream. My glucose readings have been back to a decent level since I have been out of the hospital, so I pay strict attention to my carbohydrate intake to keep that under control. When I had the Doxil® that one day, the Decadron® and fluids they gave me as part of the preparation for the chemo raised my glucose level for about 24 hours. After that it normalized. Since I do not take any kind of medication for my diabetes, I manage it strictly with diet. Exercise used to be part of the control, but I can’t say exercise is on my agenda any more. Maybe after I get past this introduction to the new chemo, that will change and I will be able to walk again. Heck, maybe I will even wear a pedometer to see whether I can rack up 1,000 steps in a day. Right now that number is about as likely as a marathon. But I have hope.

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