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Rock Art maybe.....

Posted Jun 11 2007 12:00am
Kim took this photo of a rock down in Mexico and when she showed it to me I immediately saw the features of a person. Looking closely it looks like someone with their arms raised and even the features of a face and lower torso. She said she saw the same when she downloaded the photos. I guess some of us see things in a photograph that others don't especially when you are into photography and like taking unusual shots like I do.
Nothing exciting going on today. I am still trying to check out places to see on our holiday. Sure hope the weather warms up soon as even the East Coast seems to be staying fairly cool. We are starting to get quite anxious as we sure need this holiday with everything we have gone through so far this year. I will probably make one more visit to the Doctors before we go just to make sure everything is okay. I feel good most of the time but occasionally still get a few pains and will probably get another mammogram done after we get home from holidays.
Time now to relax...Jean is playing poker as usual so I get to watch what I like on TV during this time.
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