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remembering Sunday drives and lemon ice

Posted Jun 13 2011 12:37am

All weekend it was a little more cloudy than usual for our southern California tolerance. After all, this is sunny California where the two words are mostly  inseparable. June, however, brings something called . It is just a matter of the which hangs over the coast in the morning usually to only about nine or ten o’clock extending its low-hanging cloudiness until early afternoon. Today the temperature rose to only about 69 degrees F, but the sun kept us comfortable even with that ocean breeze.

We hung out today talking and reading the newspaper along with sipping some aromatic crème brû·lée coffee, which I’ve mentioned before, always tastes better to me when my husband makes it and serves it. I know. It’s probably the princess in me speaking, but it is true. Every time he brews our coffee on the weekend, I thank my lucky stars.

We did not even get out the door for breakfast at one of our favorite spots until the sun came out around two. Driving down Pacific Coast Highway today was gorgeous with the air so clear we could see . was full of surfers as it usually is, and we saw lots of wagging tails at the dog beach.

Today reminded me of times while I was growing up that we would go to church on Sunday and then take a leisurely drive to the country. We might stop for ice cream or head over to Bommarito’s Bakery on the east side of Detroit for the absolute best lemon ice, one of the original flavors of Italian ice. For some reason this week I could not stop thinking about that place and all the great memories of our visits there during the summer. So funny. I can’t remember names of people I met last week. but I could remember Bommarito’s without a flinch. Maybe it’s still down there in the brain freeze(r).

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