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remaining inside with naps

Posted Dec 13 2012 9:58pm

Southern California remains unseasonably cool with rain, so it was another day to remain inside and try to stay warm. Again, I felt quite weak and tired, so staying inside and resting seemed in order. I will not complain about the temperature being only 57 degrees as one of my readers wrote that she is enduring 30 below zero.

Big Bear had snow, so all the area skiers are happy since that’s just a couple of hours from the shore. One advantage of living here is that you can experience a wide range of weather because of the range of conditions from desert to winter’s snow-capped mountains. I have had enough snow in my life, mainly from dealing with it going to and from work many years of my life in that climate, so I don’t really miss it. I never skied downhill, only cross-country, so the appeal to me of driving up to the mountains for skiing is completely absent. We have been having some extreme high-tide conditions in the area south of Long Beach. Sea water poured over the streets and into some of the residences in the beach communities south to Newport Beach. Since I have lived here, I have never seen this happen.

So, I have given myself my breathing treatment with my home nebulizer. Some days the coughing that it causes is manageable. Other days I feel like I’m coughing up a lung to the point of becoming very uncomfortable and even nauseated from the choking. I find if I miss a day at this point, the following treatment is more traumatic. I have been coughing now for the past hour or so and hope that this will settle down so I can relax a bit now. I really am done with this bout of coughing. The coughing is from the stuff in my lung that expanded after the pleurodesis. Apparently, there are lots of nooks and crannies that still need to expand and expunge whatever got stuck during the process of the pleural effusions. Fun.

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