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Posted Sep 11 2009 2:12pm
We went to the local Lowe's store today. Tim has no one to blame but himself for what happened next. Tim sent me out to the garden center to check and see if mulch was on sale yet. It wasn't. But they had gallon containers of salvia and bee balm and loads of other potted plants on sale. A buck apiece. $1.37 for the huge pots of heather. I even found boxwood shrubs on sale for the unbelievable price of $3.50, marked down from nearly thirty. I tried to be good. Really, I did. Tim kept saying reasonable things like, "We don't have room for this in the car," and "We could come back tomorrow..." I kept saying reasonable things like, "Tim look at these prices. They won't BE here tomorrow," and "Tim, these are all perennials. You plant them once." Reasonable won. I got about $150 worth of perennials for $18.52, and the Intrigue looked like a greenhouse on wheels.

Our first stop was one of the houses downtown where I had dug out an entire truckload of hostas last month. It was so hugely overgrown that you couldn't even see the nice little evergreen hedge. Once I got the hostas dug out, the little evergreen hedge looked quite charming, set off like it was by the vast and empty expanse of dirt in front. Even though we had worked all day on an apartment, I reasonably explained to Tim that since it was going to rain (again! heavens, will it ever stop?), now was the perfect time to get the new plants in the ground. Being reasonable like he is, he flopped down on the porch to watch. I happily went to work with the spade.

When I was done, it looked very nice, if I do say so myself. Even Tim had to agree. That made me feel a lot less guilty about the plants left over. (I misjudged, okay?!!!) The ones that I had no choice but to bring on home. After all, it was the only reasonable thing to do.
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