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readmit day 2

Posted Oct 07 2012 5:34pm

Today I had so many probes and samples removed I am surprised I have any fluids left inside me. I also had a CT scan with contrast of my chest and abdomen. Interspersed with bouts of nausea and shortness of breath it was a bit of a challenging day. I am waiting for dinner now, which i hope to be able to eat at least a nibble or two after taking some anti-emetic medication. I managed to eat a salad and some noodles for lunch, so I am trying for something similar for dinner. I’m still getting an IV with saline plus antibiotics. I am wearing oxygen now because I returned from the CT scan feeling ready to pass out from the shortness of breath. My lung draining kit is in place, so I am hoping that by the time remove it I will feel a difference in my breathing.

In between all the procedures I met with my internist team a couple of times. Every time I got a full examination. My oncologist also came to see me, and we talked a while about what might be going on. I am avoiding speculating about what it might be and hoping that it is just a treatable infection in my lung fluid.

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