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readmission UCIMC day 4

Posted Oct 08 2012 8:01pm

Every day seems to be a zig zag of ups and downs. One minute I seem to feel better, and the next I feel terrible. Yesterday, Marvin brought me a few things including my walker. We took a walk around the floor, and I did great. It felt really good, in fact.

We got back to the room, and he tucked me in and the nurses reconnected me to my new lung suction apparatus, which sounds like a bubbling waterfall. And Marvin left me sitting up in bed. Maybe twenty minutes later I started feeling lousy and my stats showed had a fever, not very high, in fact, 101.2, but I felt really bad. I was shivering and freezing and on the verge of nausea again. They gave me some Tylenol®, and I opted out on dinner which arrived right around this time. I did not feel like eating anything.

Soon the fever dropped, and all was fine the rest of the evening. They do not have any of the test results yet because so much happened over the weekend, but I expect we will have some news soon. They think I have an infection, a gram positive infection, which I understand could be MRSA. They don’t think, however, that my port is infected from the other indications. They think it could be a case of contamination.

Sleeping was not too bad, though after 3:30 am it seems that every half hour someone comes in to do something even though they tell me I should be able to get a little more sleep.

On of my oncologist’s colleagues came by this morning, along with the pulmonology fellow, and she said that they might want to give me the new treatment for the cancer while I’m here as soon as the infection situation sorts out.

For the moment I am feeling pretty good, sitting up in the chair and writing my post. I’m very weak, but I understand PT is coming to work with me sometime this morning. I will be grateful for any activity I can muster as I feel like a limp noodle.

My Internet connection is still uncooperative, so I will need to wait for my husband to come and let me use the hotspot he has on his iPhone.

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