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progress report pleurodesis day 9

Posted Sep 21 2012 9:43pm

A possible setback last night: a low-grade fever and some runs during the night that kept me from sleeping. They also checked my vitals every couple of hours and then took blood cultures, which all come from my portacath, to figure out what is going on. I saw both my attending physician here in the hospital, which is my PCP, and my pulmonary surgeon who performed the procedure, and they both said they expect that I will be leaving today for a rehab facility. The caseworker is trying to find a place in Long Beach for me to go to. Openings seem to be an issue, so it does not seem like I will have a lot of choices of where I can go even though I have lists of facilities that they gave me yesterday. Nothing is ever smooth sailing, but I am trying to be patient. I just do not want to be transferred this time like I was the last time this happened in February 2009 after that surgery. They transferred me after hours, and it turned into a complete fiasco. They assure me this will not happen this time.

In the meantime history is being made as the Space Shuttle Endeavor flies atop a 747 to its permanent home at the California Science Center. It flew through so many places here in southern California including coming right by the UCI Medical Center and my husband’s workplace, URS Corporation in Santa Ana. I did not get to see it as I’m in a tiny room with a tiny window and had no idea it was even flying over this area, but others here and at my husband’s workplace got to see it flying by. Everyone here came by to tell me about it, while I have been watching the news coverage on television.

Hoping for news that I will be moving to a rehab facility so I can gain some strength and stamina and get ready to go home. I am sure missing being home with my sweetie.

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