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progress report pleurodesis day 7

Posted Sep 19 2012 5:46pm

Now they are taking about releasing me to a rehab facility. Based on last-night’s midnight trek, I am sure they will be having me transferred sometime in the evening when no one really knows what’s going on. they did that the first time I had surgery on my back for the mets in January 2009. I went to St. Edna’s. Don’t have any idea where they will send me this time. Probably will not be convenient. They are asking me what facility I might like to use, and if my insurance company has it on their list, I can be discharged to that facility. Unfortunately, I don’t have any way to do research under the circumstances.

They are still trying to manage the fluid balance in my body, but at least my lungs seem all right. They are giving me a couple of drugs for that, which I cannot remember except for albumen. The staff here on the regular floor is nice, though I don’t see them as often as I saw the staff in the ICU.

I do, however see the doctors. This morning I saw my regular medical team who is following me, and then a little later I saw my pulmonary physician. After that I got a visit from my physical therapy team, and then the pulmonary team of fellows and residents came to drain the tube that runs out of my lungs. They got more fluid today than they got yesterday (something like over 300 ml today). We have two boxes of supplies that we will take home for my husband to use in draining my lung, keeping a log and then periodically changing the connector on the tube. When the woman came to show us how to do it, I was so out of it, Marvin was the only one in real attendance.

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