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progress report pleurodesis day 22 home 3

Posted Oct 04 2012 1:20pm

A home health nurse came to visit me yesterday. She took my vitals which showed that I had a slight fever again. Ugh. No wonder I still feel so rotten. She told me this can happen when you’re dehydrated. I have never heard this before. After being in the pulmonologist’s office the previous day for three hours, I am not surprised that I am dehydrated.

I am trying to walk back and forth in our loft to get some exercise, but I am still really tired and weak. I don’t want to lie in bed all day, however, as I think that only adds to the weakness. Getting up and forcing myself to do something has got to help some way. I will try to do some of the exercises from OT and PT and see if that will help. Then, maybe I’ll take a nap. I feel like I could use one. I just seem to need to catch up on the sleep that I missed while at the rehab facility. I am loving the quiet here at home, especially at night.

I can’t say that I’m not concerned about how bad I feel. At least, tomorrow I am going to see my oncologist. I keep wondering what’s going on with the cancer since I have been off chemo now since September 15 when I went for my surgery. I hate it that even though I try to push myself to walk inside our loft, I feel so weak and sick when I feel like I should be improving. I can barely eat anything. My husband brought me a stash of good food, easy to prepare, and all I could force down this morning were a few sips of soup and some coffee. Maybe I have a virus. That’s what I thought at first when my fever seemed to lift the day of my pulmonology appointment and I felt a bit better for almost a day, but now I wonder what’s up.

Time to walk again and then drink some water and probably lie down again.

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