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progress report pleurodesis day 18 rehab 9

Posted Sep 30 2012 11:38am

I did not feel good yesterday morning. I could not put my finger on it, but I felt really lousy, even after draining my lung all day long the previous day and extracting 200 ml of fluid. That should have made me feel better. Maybe I just need a really good night’s sleep. Today I feel worn out as well with some shortness of breath. I am connected to my fluid collection bag again, and I’m hoping that will help me feel better. The lack of sleep might just be getting to me. At least with my earphones and music, it helps a bit for part of the night. But the staff here at night are just really loud, and the lights are very bright. We were closing the door to the room, but my roommate complained voraciously in the middle of the night so they had to open the door.

Because it was Saturday, I had no OT and only PT. My PT session was a bit out of the ordinary because I had a woman who insisted on telling me about the alternative treatments that she believes in. She spent more time talking about her beliefs than she did on my PT, which got minimal attention. I was not pleased about it. Since I did not feel so great, however, I did not push it even though I asked her a couple of times why we were not going to the gym. She made me exercise in the hallway instead, which was uncomfortable since it’s lined with residents. I don’t think it’s a very sanitary place, and I did not appreciate it that she had me hold onto the railing in the hall to do a couple of exercises. They are usually very particular about wearing gloves and cleaning any apparatus that they give us to use. I will give some feedback tomorrow to the PT person who I think functions as sort of a coordinator if not a supervisor. It felt very unprofessional, and it was the first time that this was the case. I guess one out of eight days is not too bad, though it seems like every session should be professional.

Today I will have neither OT nor PT, so I will walk on my own and try to do some exercises in the room. Tomorrow is day number 10, so I am hoping that means it is the day I will leave. I cannot find anyone who knows my discharge date, however, so I will keep asking. It would seem if I am approved for ten days, I would not stay through day 11. Can you tell that I want badly to leave.

Now they say I can stay another ten days, but the paperwork is based on an HMO plan, not my PPO plus Medicare. I don’t know why to think except I don’t want to stay.

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