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Progress report pleurodesis day 17 rehab 8

Posted Sep 29 2012 11:36am

Another day of training and closer to going home. After not feeling so terrific, I decided not to wait for Marvin but to drain my lung on my own. I kept the drain bag in place for most of the day, and, to my surprise, it seemed to keep draining, especially during my therapy sessions. This morning I don’t feel great for some reason bur hoping it will lift as the day progresses.

We had our regular aid back after a two-day break. I certainly appreciated her because she is very thorough and efficient and constantly checks on her patients to see if we need anything. We had a couple of other aids the last two days during Brenda’s break, and, though nice enough, they were usually unavailable. Not that I need much, but little things come up during the day that benefit from the help of an aid.

I met with the administrator and the therapy staff for evaluation. They seem to think I will be ready to go home at the designated time, after ten days. That was music to hear for sure. I don’t know yet whether that means they will release me Monday or Tuesday. I guess I will plan on Tuesday until I hear pleasantly otherwise.

Until then I am walking the hall from time to time, watching the San Diego panda cam, some television and just shuffling around my bed from time to time, biding my time and counting down the minutes.

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