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progress report pleurodesis day 16 rehab 7

Posted Sep 28 2012 11:55am

Yesterday I had an exceptional morning of physical therapy that included walking without my walker and picking up items off of the floor. I also walked the steps, though I could do only three sets out of the planned five. That is very hard work that seems a bit daunting. It is amazing how much energy it takes to do stairs. On the stairs that they have the three on one side are very shallow, too, so they are nothing like what we have at home which are unusually steep.

They brought me to do my occupational therapy in the afternoon, and that helped to break up the long afternoon of my sitting in the room. I decided that I liked that and preferred it to doing it all in the morning. For one, I can push myself harder at each because I have time to recover. When I first started doing this, it did not matter because the level of the exercises were low enough that I could do them both at the same time and enjoyed that. Now that they are working me harder and longer, I want to devote my resources toward doing every exercise as best I can. They let me rest in between, and I really need those breaks. I can’t wait to practice my walking without the walker. It makes me feel so much more like myself. Even though I use a walker at home when I go out, around the loft I walk without any assistance. I am now beginning to feel that I can do that again.

I have been sitting this morning for almost an hour with my drainage apparatus in place. I have a tube coming out of my lung, the last part of the lung that did not fuse and still collects fluid. Marvin drains it every couple of days, but we could not get much out of it when we tried. Yesterday afternoon and last night I started feeling short of breath again and wondered whether I needed draining. I decided to connect it and leave it in place for as long as it takes to drain today. It is very slow going, but I am accumulating more in the receptacle bag provided in the drainage kit than we have been able to get so far. I will not remove it until it stops flowing, slow as it is. It might take the whole morning, but that’s fine. I hope it helps the breathing. I hate that feeling that I am not able to catch my breath for no real reason. Just getting up out of bed is really no exertion.

I had a reasonable night of five hours of sleep. My original roommate woke up a couple of time hollering during the night, after which it was hard for me to get back to sleep. Still it was better than the previous night when they admitted the third roommate in the room. They have moved that roommate elsewhere because she was very ill and needed a higher level of care than they provide in this short-term wing. So we are currently with three beds but two of us in the room. The rooms are not very big, so it is a bit crowded with our wheelchairs, my walker and the trays. I have to sit in the bed now instead of being in the wheelchair because there is no real room to sit except squeezed between the bed and the window. All I keep doing is counting down the days till I leave.

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