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progress report pleurodesis day 15 rehab 6

Posted Sep 27 2012 11:04am

My rehab room had only two beds until yesterday when they filled that open space with a third bed between my original roommate and me. I am at least next to the window which gives me a little more privacy, I suppose, but it sure feels crowded now. The new roommate is not at this time ambulatory, and she is in the middle bed. The staff were busy with her arrival late last night and well into the night, so it was a pretty wild night of noise and bright lights.

Somehow I did manage to fall asleep, probably thanks to my rehab training sessions, which were quite vigorous yesterday. The occupational therapist came to get me in the morning, and we worked my arms and upper body until I was quite tired. I was glad when the physical therapist said she would have to meet with me in the afternoon instead of following OT. I needed the break.

During my PT session I worked hard enough to exhaust the muscles. I also walked the stairs five sets though I needed a break after three. It felt good to feel the muscles working and to feel tired from having worked my muscles instead of from just being sick. I can’t say that I feel strength yet, but I feel a bit stronger in being able to walk down the hall with more stability. They are now letting me use the restroom, with the walker, unescorted. That is an achievement that makes me happy as I do relish my privacy.

I am now six days down of ten and working as hard as I can so that I will be able to leave at the conclusion of those ten days. Every bit of encouragement that you send is welcome as I read every comment here and at Facebook and appreciate the support, especially during those moments of self doubt. Thank you again for your continued encouragement.

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