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Pink Ribbon King Cake

Posted Oct 01 2013 12:00am
It's breast cancer awareness month!  Time for all the pink ribbons to come out, time for the NFL to turn pink, and time for pink ribbon king cakes!  What's a pink ribbon king cake?  I'm glad you asked!

Simply put, a king cake is a New Orleans-style pastry that's popular during the Mardi Gras season.  A melt-in-your-mouth Danish dough, braided with cinnamon and sugar, is baked to perfection and topped with fondant icing adorned with colorful sugars.  But unlike traditional New Orleans king cakes, the pink ribbon king cake is breast cancer awareness ribbon-shaped!  And unlike the traditional purple, green & gold coloration of Mardi Gras king cakes, the pink ribbon king cake is topped with pink sugar and sprinkles.

I am excited to announce that for the second consecutive year, world-famous Haydel's Bakery in New Orleans is offering their pink ribbon king cakes in support of breast cancer research.  For every pink ribbon king cake sold during October, Haydel's will donate $5.00 to The Pink Ribbon Shop Fund for Breast Cancer Research.  Woohoooo!  Thank you, Haydel's Bakery!!  (As I write this, I am watching my New Orleans Saints take a big lead in Monday Night Football ... WhoDat!)

This partnership is a huge honor for us.  Growing up in the New Orleans area, Haydel's was our go-to bakery for the best king cakes, chocolate doberge cakes (my personal favorite birthday cake,) and other sweet goodies such as petit fours and eclairs.  So to have the Haydel's family create the pink ribbon king cake and have its proceeds benefit our research fund, well ... it's just plain wonderful.

And I'm not done yet.  This is my blog and if I want to talk more about the pink ribbon king cake, I will, LOL.  I personally think that it is one beautiful cake!  However, last year, a Facebook fan of The Pink Ribbon Shop commented that it wasn't a very pretty cake.  I was highly offended!  Who, in New Orleans, would EVER think that a king cake was unattractive?  I get it, though.  If you're not FROM New Orleans, you may think that the only cakes that are pretty are tailored and fondant-rich.  You just don't understand.  Pretty cakes (on the world's standards anyway) don't have the back history of the Mardi Gras culture.  There's nothing tying their flavor to a lifestyle, to a particular time of year, to the sights & smells of Mardi Gras.  If you don't know about king cakes, if you haven't experienced Mardi Gras as a New Orleans native, you don't GET it.  And that's OK ... just don't talk bad about my king cake, before you try one!

And now that there are pink ribbon king cakes in honor of breast cancer awareness month, it's the perfect time to try one.  Not only are Haydel's king cakes the BEST, but you don't even have to live in NOLA to get one.  They ship!  Geaux get you one before October is over .

Lastly,  Haydelicious (Haydel's Bakery blog) posted a very nice feature last week on the pink ribbon king cake and ME.  Check out the favorable press from our home town!
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