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PET scan: assessing activity in metastatic breast cancer

Posted Dec 14 2009 12:00am
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I have a PET scan scheduled for tomorrow morning. No matter how hard I try to avoid thinking about it, it remains a sticking point of focus.

I keep wondering, and should really go to my forum friends to ask the question: do your tumor markers ever go down while your PET scan shows increased activity. Since my tumor markers dropped, the PET scan should be consistent and confirm a lack of progression–shouldn’t it . . .

I’ll do the Scarlet O’Hara thing: think about it tomorrow.

All right, maybe some reading to learn more about PET scans. has an article by Jacqueline Brunetti, MD,  in its newsletter describing the use of PET scans for assessing metastatic activity.

A newsletter article in describes the use of PET scans in assessing activity in metastatic breast cancer.

Current status of positron imaging for breast cancer, Jacqueline Brunetti, MD

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