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Once you have had a mamogram. What is the next step if something has shown up on the test?

Posted by tcrow

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I was diagnosed with breast cancer in Nov 07. After getting a letter from the imaging center who found suspicious areas in my mammogram, I was told to make an appt for a second mammogram at our local hospital. During the same appt of the second mammogram, after a radiologist took a look at my images I was taken immediately for an ultrasound. It was at that point the the radiologist said that I needed to have both a stereotactic and fine needle biopsy on two different areas of my left breast.

I had those biopsies done and then 4 days later I was meeting with my gynocologist who gave me the diagnosis.

Remember, if you get a letter stating that you have "suspicious" spots in your mammogram, 80% of the time they will not find a malignancy.  



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