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Not necessarily doomed!

Posted Mar 04 2014 12:00am
In this world you will have trouble ...

After receiving the news Friday, I admit that we were pretty bummed!  I had a really nice girls day out / birthday luncheon with all 3 of my girls on Saturday, which definitely helped take my mind off things.  We laughed a lot and didn't talk about the big C.  My worries lingered though, both before and after lunch.  I shouldn't have, but I later reread the radiology reports, which made me feel doomed!  But I'm realizing that I'm not necessarily doomed.  I've been in this situation before, where all the tests indicated that I was on a fast track to death by cancer.  That was 8 years ago!  I just have to move forward with the new treatment plan and hope and pray for the best.

Dr. Coscio put me on some relatively high-dose steroids for now and the duration of radiation therapy, in an effort to reduce some inflammation seen around the epidural protrusion of the spinal bone mets.  I think this is helping!  I still have some weakness in the left leg, but not nearly as much pain. And I'm realizing that I feel much better than I look on paper!  On paper:  doomed.  In person:  a little tired, but alive!  So I need to keep things in perspective.

Radiation yesterday was easy-peasy.  Just as I remember it when I received radiation therapy to the chest 14 years ago.  Because of the location this time, I was told that I may experience nausea and diarrhea.  This would probably occur toward the end of the 2-week course because some of the radiation would inevitably hit some digestive system areas.  Fingers crossed that this doesn't happen, or if it does, it's not too severe or longlasting.

I so so appreciate all the outpouring of support and prayers I've received from friends and family.  It really is uplifting and encouraging to know that so many people care.  I feel God communicating with me as well.  It seems like every song on KSBJ is speaking His words to me!  It may sound silly, but God's word in Christian music has a way of really ministering to me in times of need.

... But take heart!  I have overcome the world!  (John 16:33)
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