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New Breast Cancer Research Details Importance of Breast Cancer Gene

Posted Oct 27 2009 12:00am
New breast cancer research published in the October 22nd issue of the scientific journal Nature explores the role of the breast cancer gene "Pten".  This gene is produced by connective tissue cells in the breast and functions to block tumor formation. 

This new breast cancer research examined what happens when the Pten gene is inactivated.  In this study, inactivation of the Pten gene in mouse breast tissue resulted in an increase in the initiation and progression of breast cancer tumors.  Additionally, this effect on breast cancer tumors was associated with immune cell infiltration and increased blood vessel growth, an important aspect of breast cancer tumor growth.  Analysis of gene expression in breast cancer patients showed that changes in the Pten gene were observed in breast cancer tumor connective tissue, suggesting that the information obtained from the mouse study is likely very applicable to human breast cancers.  Overall, this study demonstrated that the Pten signalling pathway is a critical step in the suppression of breast cancer epithelial tumors.

This is exciting new breast cancer research with implications for new breast cancer therapy.  Methods that block the Pten inactivation or block the tissue events that happen after the Pten inactivation might prove to be an effective breast cancer therapy.

While science continues to make amazing strides in detailing the mechanisms of breast cancer development and finding new targets for breast cancer therapy, there are changes you can make in your own lifestyle to help reduce your risk of getting breast cancer at all.  To learn more read my book Fight Now: Eat & Live Proactively Against Breast Cancer at
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