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Neupogen injections for five days

Posted Oct 30 2012 9:43pm

All day I spent half asleep or in a deep dream as it seems the events of the last few days have worn me out. I felt sick with nausea this morning till I took my Compazine®, and after that it eased up and I was able to relax. Retching for any length of time is not just unappealing, it is also tiring. I am hoping that as I ease into this new regimen, all of these crazy symptoms will lighten up. I sit all day long with a thermometer to monitor this stupid fever that wants to keep spiking. I can tell when I start feeling a bit warm, though sometimes it is weird that I feel like I am breaking out in a sweat only to find that the temperature has dropped, usually after I take Tylenol® or put ice on my head.

I started injecting my Neupogen® to help ward off the neutropenia (low white blood-cell count), and I do this in my tummy or thigh five days following each chemo. That means I will do it this week and then next for five days after my day 8 chemo of the 21-day cycle. The syringes this time are preloaded and have a very thin needle, so it is not really an issue to inject myself. Last time I had to do this, I had to fill the syringes from a vial, so it was a bit more to it. The needles this time also have a shield that cover the needle after you finish the injection. I have a sharps container for disposal of the syringes.

When I first got chemo, it always affected me two days later. Now it seems to hang with me without any particular schedule, so I’m just going with the flow. I suppose my lesson in all of this is learning that I control my direction less than I once had thought and becoming more flexible. Who’d have thunk.

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