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need steel toed boots

Posted Oct 09 2012 10:03pm

After all these complications I have learned from my oncologist that I am going to need some steel toe boots for the next leg of this adventure. Much to my unwilling and dismayed receipt of this news, apparently my cancer has progressed to my lungs and my liver. I figure i will need those boots to kick the spit out of this freaking disease. Or maybe medieval chains or club with the spikes..

The days are filled with doctors and nurses coming in and out of my room poking and prodding me till today I was feeling like I had had enough. Always someone new who needs the whole story again and again. Normally I am fine with this, but today was a bad day for me and I really wanted to shut the door to block out the world. Knowing that the cancer running around in your body is trying to conquer it does not make for a very happy camper. I told my husband and doctor today that the next person on the street who tells me, Oh, you have breast cancer, that’s the easy cancer, will receive a fine punch in the face,

I had one of the worst meetings today with someone whom I think must have been having an off day. Unfortunately, I did not appreciate it and ended up in tears for the remainder of the afternoon until a friend stopped by, followed by my husband and my doctor. They got me back on trackwell, mainly my oncologist got me back on track. I can’t write about now because it is still too upsetting. Let’s just say that one of the team members spoke way out of place.

Now, all I want to do is to rest. The good news of the day was that I did not need any oxygen since early yesterday, and I was able to walk two rounds of the floor with only a minor break. Infectious diseases is looking at what they think is a bacterial infection of a not too dangerous type, and tomorrow I should know more about the plan.

My husband worked out a solution for me so I can post. Hope it works as I attempt to do it now. Thanks, everyone, for all your kind words.

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