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Natural Breast Cancer Treatments

Posted by Reem

My mother is known to have a left metastatic Cancer of advanced left Breast. A specimen is received in a container as left breast biopsy and consists of two skin ellipses measuring 0.5X0.4X0.2and 0.4X0.3X0.1 cm. The report of the biopsy shown that there is an invasive Ductal Carcinoma, grade 2 and Dermal lymphatic and epidermal malignant extensions (pt4).  


She then started on Chemotherapy. She already has 3 doses of chemo session and the last treatment was on Jan 13 th 2009. Due her weakness, the doctor decided to stop giving her chemotherapy treatment anymore.


On the 30 th of January 2009 she was presented to ER with left lower limb pain and swelling. Clinical impression was that of DVT which was confirmed by left lower limb venous Doppler study and she was admitted to the ICU. She started by then on anticoagulant therapy.


On 29/11/08 the pre and post contrast CT chest was done and the report of that as followed:

-         Known case of cancer breast with current CT findings are suggestive of pulmonary ,meditastinal deposits and carcinomatosis.

-         Bilateral suprarenal and splenic metastic deposits.


On 13/7/2009 the CT Abdomen and Pelvis was done and the report of that as shown

-         Bilateral adrenal metastasis as well as widespread osseous, subcutaneous and pulmonary metastatic deposits.

-         Suspected pelvis soft tissue metastasis.


Now what I need is if you can find an alternative natural way to help her out because she can’t take and chemotherapy anymore


I greatly appreciate your help

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