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Napoli in exposure to be strong "against the north's big one and losing two

Posted Dec 13 2012 3:38am
The road not inter milan, Naples surrender league second position, the top five points gap distance has been, in the face of the three 1 draw 2 negative record to Naples title hopes overshadowed. The game against inter, the scene doesn't fall wind napoli 1-2 lose, swallow this season league with 3 at the same time, also will be the location Cheap Jordan Super Fly of the second table surrendering the nerazzurri, and in the three games of defeat, napoli successively in battles to beat Juventus and inter, home game against milan lead in two goals are being tied competitors. Want to keep the title hope, napoli must to keep in the middle and lower reaches of the excellent team record at the same time, strive to achieve in the second big face when revenge. In fact the game, is already napoli in the face of the three scenes when the advantage of a service, nearly three times as much as the other shot, ball possession, pass the success rate, the number of corner main attack data are ahead of the inter, and eventually lost the key lies in the ability to grasp the aircraft is a bit poor. League 8 rounds, road challenge Juventus, napoli this organic battles and winning, and take the table leading position. But at the city of Turin Naples the game can't create a big chances, but be juve's two players on the bench at the and, even into the two goals, and ultimately away nurse a grievance. And Cheap Air Jordan 2012 13 wheel home face has been hanging wire turn of AC milan and dropping Sao Paulo stadium in Naples before 30 minutes leading two goals was the rossoneri complete control of the live game, can only watched little pharaoh salad d brace equaliser. In addition to the rest of the north face out of play, the Naples 13 games 10 wins, two draws and one negative, and into the ball lost 8 ball, and face Juventus, milan and inter milan, they have not one victory, into three goals away 6 ball, encounter strong problem that it is difficult to realize the serie a league and take the desire of the throne. A review of the history, napoli in the 1986-87 season as well as the 1989-90 season to the serie a title, and the two season, the team against the main rivals Juventus, inter and milan record is quite good. The 1986-87 season, napoli double kill juve (3-1 at home on the road, 2-1), against Cheap Nike Air Fly By milan 1 win 1 draw (home 2-1, road 0 0), only when a game against inter taste (home 0 0, 0-1 road), the season, napoli three points clear in the title, Juventus, inter and milan separation in the second and the third and fifth. And the 1989-90 season, napoli in the face of the three is a bit poor, record for three wins and a draw 2 negative, but return Sao Paulo stadium, but napoli has 3-0, 2-0 and 3-1 score has TiaoLa milan, inter milan and Juventus, Argentina soccer star diego armando maradona scored four goals for the team, a strong to wei. And the season, napoli with 2 points advantage to win, milan, inter and Juventus were two to four. After months of long league campaign, to the last laugh often is the most stable team, in the face of easy can easily pass, against enemy can meet strong stronger. And before the league matchday 16 even negative juve and inter napoli, has five points behind the leaders gap, but, for the rest of this year two round opponent is not strong (bologna and Siena) in Naples, as long as no longer appear sewer capsized, the possibility of the second competition champion is still not completely burst, and in the end can still stay in the league trophies faction, the second to see the team play against giants, especially when the record and decide.On a long, HanDa Norwich, two people are inter Mesozoic player's representative, present and future of the line is to belong to them, two industry Russell Westbrook Shoes engineers type player is inter's wealth.Valencia both offensive and defensive, and phil is the player after. When two people pressure, Michael carrick when more help to the right. Two goal lead after, the united defence began to retreat, more focus on the defensive. Ferguson also learn from last season on the road to the teaching of the lost 0 and 1, they have no after a camping area defense, but the line in advance. In the 2-0 lead after, the united defence began to retreat. Before the end of the first half, Evans and Rio Ferdinand's position is a little back, Michael carrick is effective with good defence before the neutral position.
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