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My sister, my family...

Posted Dec 08 2009 12:00am
So glad to hear that your sister is doing well! Knowing your family history for breast cancer is so important! Self exams and yearly mammograms are so critical. Early detection is the best prevention!

> My sister Linda was diagnosed June 15th, 2004, on her 36th wedding
> anniversary with breast cancer. Not exactly the anniversary present she
> expected. Her actual diagnose was "high risk infiltrating lobular
> carcinoma of the left breast". She underwent a modified radical mastectomy
> shortly after her diagnosis, the primary tumor was 4.5 cm and the lymph
> nodes were negative. She received 4 cycles of dose dense AC followed by 4
> cycles of dose dense Taxol which she completed in October of that year.
> She was placed of adjuvant Arimidex, but could not tolerate it, so was
> then placed on Aromasin.
> Linda chose to have an implant put in as soon as her body could tolerate
> it, in the fall of 2005 she underwent surgery for adhesion's on the
> reconstructed breast. Thus far she is doing great, she just celebrated her
> 5 year anniversary of being in remission. The fact that she was diagnosed
> was quite a shock, our maternal grandmother had breast cancer in her 70's
> and we thought that was the end of breast cancer in our family. Then our
> cousin Bev, also on the maternal side of the family was diagnosed with
> breast cancer. Sadly she passed away at the age of 46, it had spread too
> far. We were terrified of Linda's outcome , the odds did not look good.
> But thus far she is doing great and I have my mammogram every year always
> praying that I won't receive the same dreaded news.

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