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my PET scan and tumor markers

Posted Jan 11 2010 12:00am
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The other day I wrote good news: blood tests and PET scan when I found out from my oncology nurse that the PET scan results looked good. Today I met with my oncologist and got the details.

The PET scan results show no new areas of activity. Additionally, the areas of previous activity showed decreased activity plus healing. As noted in the report and by my oncologist, key is the part of the report indicating that the skeletal findings on this PET scan were consistent with response to therapy. My primary areas of lesions are in the thoracic spine and the ribs. Hence, we will continue with Taxol® since it’s currently working.

With the recent renal issues my oncologist said we will hold the bone stimulant for now (Zometa®) until further tests yield results in the normal range. I hope it was just a matter of my being dehydrated that was causing the burp.

The part that felt a little confusing was that my tumor markers were up 10 (44 from last time’s 34). How that ties in is anyone’s guess, I suppose. Since the PET scan results show healing and decreased activity in existing lesions, it would seem that the markers are being sensitive to something else. We’ll watch them and see where they go.

For now, I’m basking in the good news that the PET scan results indicate my chemo is currently working.

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