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My daughter has a lump

Posted Mar 15 2009 4:28pm 3 Comments
I found a lump in my 4 year old daughter's eyebrow last week. If you've had cancer you know what happened to my pulse immediately after. I told my husband as calmly as I could and then we gave it a few days to see if it would go away. It didn't, so off to the pediatricians office we went.

I explained the history of the "lump", it's hard, feels like a stone or a ball bearing. She does not complain of pain when it is manipulated. When and how we found it, all of the usual information.

First we are seen by the Physician's Assistant who assures me that it's probably "just a cyst".

Do those words mean anything to you dear reader? That's what I was told about my cancer by the first doctor who I saw. Fortunately, my doctor next said "But whatever it is it needs to come out".

I explained to the PA that I am a cancer survivor and as such probably react to any type of "lump" much more seriously than most people.

The next words were the killer. "Oh she's too young for anything like cancer!"

I wish that I could say that I then lit into her with a lecture about why those words are moronic. About the thousands of children diagnosed with cancer annually not to mention the tens of thousands of young adults. To make her understand that telling a woman young enough to have a four year old that anyone is "too young for cancer" is crazy, callous and just plain rude thank you very much! To explain that people are diagnosed at a much later stage because of the "you're too young for it" attitude. Instead I explained that I work in early childhood intervention and have worked with infants with cancer and then I teared up. I hate when that happens.

The head of the practice was brought in to take a look and agrees that yes, it is likely a cyst but that she should be seen by a pediatric ophthalmologist for examination and likely removal.

So now we wait for a referral to be complete. I am confident that it is really just a cyst and if it is anything more then the "mean face" should scare the hell out of it.

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My son too! He has had one right near his left eye, a hard little nodule that moves easily under the skin and does not cause him any pain.  I wasn't very alarmed at all but as a precaution had him checked out by both my pediatrician and my dermatologist. Both told us not to do anything unless it bothered him or was changing in size. Over the last 6 mos. it has gotten bigger and as more people ask "What is that on your face?" I realize that it may be time to take action. I don't know if you check back here but would appreciate a response if you do - my email is
i am not sure how old these posts are but i have deeloped a lump on the eye-socket, just underneath the corne of my eyebrow. it does hurt when pressed on and it doesnt shift or move. it almost feels like it is a part of my eye-socket as it doesnt move around. I've had very bad headaches for the last few weeks and not sure if it's related. I do not have any blurry vision or any other symtoms others than a few very small (almost pimple like) lumps on my eyelids that come and go. I wouldnt even know what type pf doctor to seek as it's not affected my vision...Any suggestions??
I am not a doctor and the best advice I have for you would be for your primary physician to take a look. My daughters wound up being a cyst, hope yours is as well.
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