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Posted Sep 12 2008 11:08am
Well, the MRI showed that his spinal cord is compressed in his fourth vertebra (C4) and the doctors say he should go stay for two nights for a CT scan with contrast and other tests to determine how they should surgically proceed at a later one month hospital visit. The administration called today to say they had a bed for him from Monday morning and he is scheduled now. The only problem is that he says he has never heard of the university to which the hospital belongs (he only acknowledges the top 3 universities in Japan and the rest are all inconsequential to him) and is suddenly considering cancelling because they might mess up and they looked terribly young to have a medical license...

This could go two ways:

1. He'll go to one of the two central Tokyo university hospitals which actually list themselves as having spinal cord specialists within their orthopedic departments (Tokyo U. or Keio U.)

2. He'll go to a local chiropractor or acupuncturist to see if they have any better advice.

If he refuses to go for the inpatient check-up nearby, I'm going to push for the hospital I found that is staffed mainly by Keio U. doctors and specialists. He is a Keio graduate so he can't complain about the dubious qualifications and it's easier to get to by train (on the way to the cancer center in fact).

If he needs to be in the hospital for a month, we may have to hire our top student to teach a few classes because I know I can't teach 7 afternoons and nights a week and still feed the kids. The student came over today and has indicated the times he will be able to fill in for S so it looks like we can manage.

I've been writing a list of questions I'd ask if it were my neck on the block but S is convinced it's an old sports injury and not congenitally narrow or arthitically induced so he may not ask. I doubt that he'll let me go with him to speak with the doctor, but I'll print out the questions anyway and see if it makes a difference. Maybe I can figure out a way to e-mail them to the doctor...
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